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AM / PM Day And Night Pack 8 Pack Power Stack
AM / PM Day And Night Pack 8 Pack Power Stack
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The building blocks of a successful routine in two easy packs a day!

            Supplementation can be a powerful way to boost your systems and help your body reach its peak, but for first time users or those without unlimited time, it can certainly be confusing. That’s why we’re excited to bring you the Infowars Life 8-Pack Power Stack supplement pack!

            Simple, convenient and easy to use, the 8-Pack Power Stack is a one stop shop for those looking to simplify their routine. Featuring 8 incredible formulas built to help fuel your day and relax your night, it’s perfect for Infowars fans that aren’t quite sure what they need and are seeking a new, total approach to your health and wellness.

            With the 8-Pack Power Stack, there’s no trial and error, messy bottles laying across the counter or twenty-minute morning habits – just open the corresponding day or night pack and keep moving! Built for the athlete, homebody, hard worker and everyman in all of us, the building blocks of a successful supplement routine are at your hands with just 2 packs a day.

            And if you like the 8-Pack Power Stack, you can even find similar products to the ones you like in the store! The 8-Pack Power Stack is the perfect intro to any Infowars fan looking to support the show, but not sure where to start. All the formulas are held to our rigorous standards and put together in a package as easy as grabbing your morning coffee or getting ready for bed. No more forgetting parts of your routine or buying an assembly line of products you’ve never tried before.

            The AM “Wake Up and Work” packet includes:

  • A Flex and Joint Support formula
  • An Energy Kick-Start formula
  • A Krill Oil formula
  • A Nootropic Brain formula
  • And a Greens Detox formula

            The PM “Rest and Recover” packet includes:

  • An Immune Support formula
  • A Sound Sleep formula
  • A Krill Oil formula
  • And a Bone Support formula

            With all of these formulas combined, you’ll have access to an easy daily routine to help you reach your peak without deep supplement knowledge and a calculated routine.

            With the 8-Pack Power Stack daily routine, you’re sure to have a quick, easily accessible and convenient way to experience what supplements can do for you. Whether you’re looking for whole body and immune support, alertness in the morning and faster sleep, or a new approach to a supplement routine while supporting the Infowar, there’s no better way than the 8-Pack Power Stack from Infowars Life!

Item ID: IWL-8PPS-1
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