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Be A Hero: The Essential Guide to Active Shooter Incidents
Be A Hero: The Essential Guide to Active Shooter Incidents
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Be a Hero: The Essential Survival Guide to Active-Shooter Events

Dealing with the unthinkable

It’s never going to be you. Then one day you hear the clatter of automatic fire at the mall. You have been drawn into the chaos and terror of an active shooter event. What do you do? Who do you turn to?

Be a Hero is the essential guide to terrorist attacks that will help you survive. Former Special Air Service terror expert John Geddes will explain how to cope with a life-threatening event. He shows you how to make clear decisions and beat the odds by:

Dealing with fear through simple and effective techniques to bring the chemical urges generated by terror at least partially under control

Escaping and evading when possible, using everyday objects and landmarks for protection

Fighting back if needed, with methods to disarm an active shooter and to use items at hand as weapons

Using a weapon if you are licensed to carry, shooting to kill without collateral damage or being mistaken for a perpetrator

Providing medical assistance to deal with traumatic battlefield injury and save lives

This is not a book primarily for survivalists and ‘preppers.’ Be a Hero is a book for ordinary men and women who could find themselves in the middle of an extraordinary moment. It will help them find the hero inside—and live to tell the tale.

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