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Why Is The Pail Organic?

There is much debate about why going organic is so important. It is an important topic to debate for multiple reasons because it is truly significant with regards to our health. Most people I talk to believe that organics means foods that are grown without pesticides. While this is true and important, it is only a small part of a very important equation. When a farmer practices organic agriculture, pest and weed control are definitely part of the puzzle, but nourishing the soil and feeding and building up essential soil flora and fauna are the most important things farmers can do. The reasons for this are that if you nourish the soil well it builds a fungal web and also increases the health of soil organisms that break down the minerals into a size that plants can absorb. Healthy soil means healthy plants and healthy plants rarely need pesticides or herbicides, even natural alternatives. This is a much more essential part of the process. Other important things farmers can do are to build the soil with compost and minerals. Another essential element of organic agriculture is to preserve the sol you have built. This involves good water management to prevent erosion, as well as mulching that will also prevent erosion and hold the nutrients in the soil for the plant to absorb.

When you understand that conventional farming only fertilizes using 3 minerals; nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, you can see why conventional veggies have much less nutritional value. Our bodies need over 70 different minerals to function optimally and if they are not in the soil, as they are with a good organic farming method, we will not get them.

How Does Your Stored Foods Differ From Other Stored Foods?

The concept of storing food is an age old one that is gaining a renewed appreciation in many circles and for many reasons. Unfortunately much of the prepared food available on the market today has certain distinct disadvantages. Much of what is available is canned. Most cans used commercially for canning  contain lining material that uses Bisphenol A, an endocrine disrupting compound that is being banned in Europe and many other countries worldwide. Other foods and often canned foods contain high amounts of salt and sugar, in addition to artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, MSG and other items that have been proven to be detrimental to our health. We believe that whatever foods you store should be as healthy as possible and this is why we created thIS ORGANIC FOOD SUPPLY.

How Should I Store The S2T Organic Food Supply?

You should store your Organic Food Supply in a cool dry place.  Heat and moisture will deteriorate anything over time so it is best to keep it away from these elements.

Can I use the Organic Food Supply with Other Stored Foods?

YES.  The S2T Organic Food Supply was designed to enhance your stored foods.  We understand that the majority of people that store food have other types of food storage.  This is why we created this organic pail was for those looking for alternatives to the other products that are less healthy and nutritious.  Feel free to mix and match, add Garbanzos to your soup or pasta.  There is no exact manual.  You are free to do with it what you want.  

What is The Purpose of The Miso & Cajun Spice Blend in the Organic Food Supply?

The purpose of these two ingredients is to add a little flavor that is healthy.  These two items are also organic and are used to make your food taste better.  Feeling good about what you eat is so important and when you eat storable food that is not only highly nutritious but also delicious it makes the experience that much better.

Is the Organic Food Supply for 1 Person for 40 Days/Nights?

YES.  The S2T Organic Food Supply is designed for one person.  However, if necessary it can be extended out further especially in a crisis situation.