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HazardPak Digital Survival Library (DVD-ROM)
HazardPak Digital Survival Library (DVD-ROM)
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This is the ultimate DVD-ROM production of nuclear preparedness material that covers all the bases, including a full all-hazards approach to everyday worries, natural and man-made disasters, terrorism, and family preparedness goals. This DVD-ROM creates an easy to use information package that can be put on any computer with a DVD drive, and used offline or online, to educate and inform individuals, families, neighbors, and entire communities.

This DVD-ROM is a true multimedia presentation, containing tens of thousands of pages of printable documents, including Civil Defense documents, Military Field Manuals, NBC Prep, Medical, and Survival topics. Also, a complete digital version of Cresson Kearney's 'Nuclear War Survival Skills' and the FEMA 'Radiation Safety In Shelters' book and many others. Also, new and classic nuclear prepping videos, mp3 audios of preparedness training and advice, as well as all the content from the many KI4U websites. There are 684 individual files of information with over 3,800 megabytes of data in the DVD Library, collected and programmed by survival expert Rich Fleetwood.

  • Over 600 files, 20,000 pages, 300 PDF documents
  • Civil Defense Books, Videos & Mp3's
  • Most comprehensive collection anywhere
  • All new, expanded

DVD-ROM comes in a plain paper sleeve.  Please note that it is a DVD-ROM and intended to work on a computer. It is not a standard DVD-video that is conventionally used for movies to be played via a DVD player to a TV.  This DVD-ROM contains a vast array of information in various formats.  Two preparedness experts collected all the information you need from a variety of sources and put it all on one convenient place.

Without a doubt, here's the most comprehensive collection of Civil Defense, Fallout Shelter and NBC Survival Prep documents anywhere on a single DVD-ROM. This is everything, and more, that you could ever hope to pull off the internet in an emergency for family survival instruction and guidance. When time is short, and the internet might even be down, this is the one DVD-ROM you'll be very glad to have then.

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