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Heirloom Organics Complete MicroGreens Kit
Heirloom Organics Complete MicroGreens Kit
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The Heirloom Organics Complete Home MicroGreens Kit includes everything you need to start your MicroGreen garden today.  Just add water and secure your food independence in just one week. All you need is just a windowsill. 

In addition to the
Heirloom Organics Home MicroGreens Seed Pack this complete kit includes:
  • 1 oz pouch of Norwegian Kelp Extract which is a world famous organic source of naturally chelated nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micro-nutrients.The healthier your growing medium the healthier your MicroGreens will be. 
  • 2 oz pouch of Azomite, an organic source of over 70 trace minerals and elements.  Mined from a 30 million year old mineral deposit in Utah.  Your MicroGreens reach maximum nutritional content with the right organic nutrient growing supplements.  
  • 2 greenhouse trays with clear dome tops.  Using a dome topped seed greenhouse produces higher yield from your seeds by creating a perfect "microclimate" for seed germination.  Seed tray dimensions: 10" x 10" x 4"
  • 4 organic MicroGreens grow mats.  Compostable organic grow mats provide a clean, fool-proof growing medium for maximum success with MicroGreens.  No need for the mess and space needs of soil.  When used with Heirloom Organics MicroGreens nutrients and greenhouse trays you will achieve bountiful success.  Grow mat dimensions:  10" x 10" x 1/8"
  • Growing guide--How to Grow MicroGreens at Home.  Written by MicroGreens farming experts, this is the essential guide to MicroGreens gardening.  
The Heirloom Organics Home MicroGreens Seed Pack which contains 8 varieties of highly nutritious microgreen seeds.  MicroGreens can have up to 40 times more vital nutrients than mature plants and can be grown year round in the country or in the city.  Very little space is needed, you can grow these seeds on a windowsill, counter top or bookshelf.  These seeds are chosen by Square Foot Gardening experts for the best results in small-space, low-light gardening. They are 100% non-GMO, non-hybrid, heirloom and are the freshest seeds from this year's harvest.  The seeds are prepared with USDA-developed moisture-reduction before hermetically sealing in air-tight, mylar pouches. This pack allows you to gain food independence in about one week. 

Included in the Heirloom Organics Home MicroGreens Pack:
  • Beet -- 1920 count
  • Cabbage -- 24,000 count
  • Clover -- 54,375 count
  • Flax -- 22,000 count
  • Kale -- 18,750 count
  • Lettuce: Looseleaf -- 62,720
  • Radish -- 13,520
  • Swiss Chard -- 2,000
  • Total Seeds -- 200,285 (1.5 pounds)
Due to ongoing seed shortages, seed varieties subject to change without notice. Replacements will be as close as possible and will be included in your order documentation.

International Customers: Import laws vary from country to country. Please consult your government's laws and regulations regarding seed importation. INFOWARS SHOP is not responsible for any delays, quarantines, fees, penalties or destruction of product resulting from the attempt to ship seeds out of the United States.

Item ID: SC-MGK-HO-1
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