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Home > Making Modifilan

Making Modifilan

written by Pacific Standard Distributors, the makers of Modifilan

To make Modifilan, raw seaweed Laminaria is hand-harvested in the Southern Pacific, off the island of

Tasmania. The exact location is latitude 40.0 S / longitude 148.5 E. This is one of very few natural habitats in
the world where Laminaria grows to a size large enough to extract the inner part of the leaves. This is not
farmed seaweed, but wild kelp. Here the cold water flowing up from the Antarctica meets the warm water from
the equator in a great swirl that forms the great home for all types of marine cultures and seafood, from shrimp
to whales.

The Laminaria kelp is cut by divers in the shallower parts of the ocean bed, at a depth of 5 to 15 meters.
Individual leaves are cut using knives in order to preserve the habitat, because Laminaria does not grow back
at the same spot in the same quality and size when it is torn off, trawled or drag-harvested, as is sometimes
done commercially. Pacific Standard Distributors owns the partly quota right to harvest seaweed in this part of
the ocean.

Divers rope three to five leaves together and a small boat tugs them onto shore. The leaves are then put on
wooden fences and dried by the sun before being transported to the nearest commercial port. The dried
seaweed goes to our factory (a very modest facility), where the dried leaves are soaked in cold spring water for
about 4 hours. A very small volume of spring water is used, since seaweed gives up its water-soluble
polysaccharides in fresh water, and we want to retain them.
When the leaves soak in water and appear to be of same size and thickness as they were fresh, the outer part
is skinned off and put into a schnek feeder (similar to a meat grinder), which grinds the outer layers of the skin
into a paste. This paste is mixed back with the inner part of the Laminaria that was left after the skin was

This mass, along with the remaining water in which it was initially soaked (we keep it in the product all the way
to the end) is pressed through a tight mesh net similar to cheesecloth. What comes out after the pressing is a
heavy gel that is kept for further processing. The sand-like substance that is left in the net is disposed of. In this
manner, all heavy indigestible cellulose fibers are removed naturally.

The batch of squeezed gel is then placed into a cold-temperature chamber dehumidifier, where it is quick-dried
with cool air. As it is dried, the gel turns into a big chunk, like a rock. That chunk is broken into smaller chips,
placed in a large grinder and turned into powder. This is Modifilan.

Modifilan is referred to as an extract, but basically it is the dried, concentrated juice of brown seaweed. It is a
simple and absolutely natural product, a true whole food substance that is not formulated. We do not try to recreate
nature, which is a different approach from most of the supplements found on the market today.

Modifilan is a registered trade name, and the process described above is part of the patent for this product. No
other maker of seaweed supplements offers this kind of product. We are proud to present Modifilan as the
most minerally potent and at the same time fully digestible natural food source of what brown seaweed offers.

As the final step, the Modifilan powder is encapsulated at a facility that is FDA-licensed and GMP-certified.
Every batch of raw unprocessed material is subject to USDA inspection and approval. PSD, Inc. is an FDAregistered

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