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Pollen Block
Pollen Block
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Don’t Be Taken Down By Pollen Season

            We all hate it when it comes – the Great Pollen Attack! With nature constantly attacking, it often feels like we have no choice but to live indoors! But now, we’ve created a powerful new fast-acting seasonal distress supporting formula – Pollen Block!

               Pollen Block from Infowars Life was created with our listeners and viewers in mind. Decades ago, researchers in France discovered the ability for certain quail eggs to alleviate certain season-related symptoms in human subjects. Now they have perfected the process to concentrate the active ingredient into a small and chewable tablet.

               The active ingredient is the bio-available fraction concentrated from quail egg. This bioactive portion acts differently than traditional anti-histamines and is clinically studied to alleviate seasonal distress symptoms, including promoting clear nasal and sinus passageways, eye comfort, and respiratory function to help you beat the pollen back and take control of your sinuses once more!  *

Here’s How Pollen Block Will Help You Fight Back Against Pollen:

  • Helps Support Healthy Sinus Function *
  • Helps Enhance Daily Respiratory Function *
  • Helps Enhance Respiratory Health *
  • Promotes Clear Airway Passages And Normal Breathing *
  • Promotes Respiratory Health And Normal Breathing *
  • Supports Eye Comfort And Sinus Health *

You need to always be at the top of your game, no matter what the season. That’s why Pollen Block has been shown in clinical studies to begin working 15 minutes after consumption for fast acting support! It’s a great alternative for seasonal distress support and fighting against the pollen around you. It comes in a little on-the-go bottle so all of our Infowarriors and fellow patriots can take it anywhere, especially the great outdoors!

What’s Inside The Bottle?

            With Pollen Block, our team of scientists worked to make a simple, easy to take on the go formula to help you relieve your sinuses fast. Our formula was used to make quick and accessible chewable tablets that contain two simple ingredients:

  • Quail Egg Concentrate - Decades ago researchers in France discovered the ability for certain quail eggs to alleviate season-related symptoms related symptoms when eaten. Now they have perfected the process to concentrate the active ingredient into a low dose chewable tablet.
  • Sorbitol – Tooth friendly low calorie sugar alcohol.

The formula was created to help you beat back the pollen season and help you enjoy the world, no matter what time of year.

            Take advantage of our incredible Pollen Block formula now from Infowars Life at our always low price to help you enjoy the great outdoors again! 

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