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Pure Turmeric Extract 5-Pack
Pure Turmeric Extract 5-Pack
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After more than seven years, Infowars Life has created an even more powerful version of the original all-time bestseller: introducing the new Infowars Life Pure Turmeric Extract - the next generation of turmeric extract. 

There’s a reason that so many health-conscious people say that if they could only choose one herb to support their overall health, it would undoubtedly be pure turmeric in a high-quality extract form. 

Used For Centuries Around The World & Now One Of The Most Studied Herbs In Modern Science 

Not only is turmeric one of the most highly studied herbs in modern science, but it’s benefits have been utilized for centuries in both Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional systems. Turmeric was even dubbed the ‘Golden Spice’ for its bright color and treasured role. 

In other words, turmeric has passed the ‘test of time’ for thousands of years. From the tables of our ancient ancestors to the most advanced laboratories of today

Bringing The Known Power of Turmeric to The Next Level 

What has changed, however, is that we are now able to utilize cutting-edge nutraceutical processes to deliver a super-pure extract that our ancient ancestors could only dream of. 

The new Infowars Life Pure Turmeric Extract is manufactured in an FDA cGMP compliant facility that uses special processes to ensure it is beyond our platinum standard set for the final formula. 

Loaded With Beneficial Compounds & Antioxidants 

From the active ingredient curcumin to a host of antioxidants, turmeric could be called a ‘nutritional powerhouse’ herb. Turmeric may even have a higher antioxidants potential than some of the most well-known antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E. 


For thousands of years, turmeric has been a valued part of life for so many, from its use in traditional cuisine to those who utilize the herb to naturally support the body. Experience the strength of ultra high-quality turmeric today with the Infowars Life Pure Turmeric Extract.