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Relaunch Recovery 5-Pack
Relaunch Recovery 5-Pack
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No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to maintain a perfect nutritional intake. There are often toxic substances in the food that we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink.

That’s why Sycronia Research Labs created Relaunch Recovery. 

Many such substances can lead to an increase in the production of free radicals in the body, which are unstable atoms that can damage cells and cause illness and aging.

Over time, oxidative stress can occur, which is when there are excessive free radicals and cellular damage. Oxidative stress can harm the body, leading to a wide range of possible disease, and triggering the symptoms of aging (like wrinkles).

Antioxidants can combat free radicals and may reduce their effects. But not every source of antioxidants is the same.

Begin giving your body the resources needed to fight back against the damage, with essential antioxidants and key compounds. Experience Relaunch Recovery™ today.

Relaunch-Recovery™ combines powerful antioxidants and other compounds to fight back against free radicals, support healthy aging, and promote healthy cells:

Cell-CX Recovery Blend™: A proprietary blend of advanced antioxidants to support the body in the fight against free radicals and help rejuvenate the body’s natural healthy cells.

Turmeric: Known as a plant from the ginger family that has been used in Asia for thousands of years as a foundational part of Siddha medicine, the active ingredient in turmeric called curcumin is a powerful antioxidant with a host of benefits.


Green Tea: Rich in polyphenols (about 30% polyphenols by weight) which are micronutrients derived from plants, green tea also contains a large amount of a key antioxidant known as EGCG. Green tea contains plentiful antioxidants and other compounds that work with the body to support overall health.

Acetyl L-Carnitine: Most cells in the body contain carnitine, a substance made naturally by the liver and kidneys to help cells produce energy by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria.

Mito-CX Revitalize Blend™: An extensive proprietary blend to aid in revitalizing the body’s natural cellular function systems and support healthy aging. 


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