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Winter Sun Vitamin D
Winter Sun Vitamin D
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Premium quality vitamin D3 nutritional supplement that delivers a powerful 2,000 IU per dose.
The new Infowars Life Winter Sun is a premium quality vitamin D3 nutritional supplement that delivers a powerful 2,000 IU per dose.

Winter Sun is produced by extracting oil from hearty, nutrient-dense plants known as lichens. Every batch is analyzed to verify purity and D3 content, and to ensure that the formula is free of toxic chemicals, allergens, preservatives, artificial colors, and GMOs.

Simply put, this is the highest quality nutraceutical vitamin D3 formulation offered by Infowars Life.

Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND explains the creation process of Winter Sun:
"Infowars Life Winter Sun is the result of our pursuit for the best source of vitamin D3. Although there are many vitamin D supplements on the market, most are vitamin D2, which we have found is inferior to vitamin D3. This need prompted our journey to create the most powerful, vegan, vitamin D3 product on the market.

We located an extremely pure and powerful source of D3, extracted from lichen, and pioneered research to combine it with USP vegetable glycerin to provide 2000IU of D3 per 10 drops.

This research and development took over two years but the result, as verified by independent laboratories like Stirling University, is the best, vegan, vitamin D3 product in the world."

What are the Health Benefits of Vitamin D?
  • Promotes calcium absorption for healthy bones and teeth.
  • Supports the body's natural immune system.
  • Supports natural muscle strength in older adults.
  • Adequate vitamin D is necessary for healthy tissue in systems of the body including the pancreas, breasts, colon, and prostate.
Why is Winter Sun the Best Vitamin D3 Supplement Available?
  • Formulated for easy absorption.
  • Appropriate for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Does not contain any toxins, excipients, or toxic additives.
  • GMO-free.

  • 1 fl oz bottle
  • Item ID: IWL-WINSUN-1
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