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Home >  Made In 1776: Made In The USA
Made In 1776: Made In The USA

A message from Alex Jones to liberty lovers worldwide:  The authoritarian cultural engineers are manipulating style and culture to attack liberty, dehumanize man, destroy the family and disarm the public.  Infowars is on the cutting edge of awakening humanity to the technocrats' program of dehumanization and enslavement. 

In early 2014 we launched our official line of Made In 1776 worldwide apparel and products.  This line of gear features our distinctive Made in 1776 designs on premium American made products.  We want to offer our loyal supporters
the opportunity to purchase authentic American made products created by small entrepreneurial American businesses.  (scroll to bottom for rest of Alex's message)

 Products (Total Items: 3)
1776 Cutout Sticker
1776 Cutout Sticker
Your Price: $2.95
On sale: $0.50  
Made in 1776 Circular Sticker
Made in 1776 Circular Sticker
Your Price: $2.95
On sale: $0.75  
1776 Black Hat
1776 Black Hat
Your Price: $29.95
On sale: $17.76  
(continued) We are taking the culture back!  Anytime I see fellow citizens wearing anti New World Order apparel, I see fellow patriots wearing our colors loud and proud.  We are sharing with the world that we are the people, we are the majority and that we have the moral high ground.  We are engaged and dedicated to a hard core Infowar against the globalists.  It is time to take back our culture. A war of information is being waged and your purchase of our limited edition Made In 1776 supports those actions.  These products are priced as affordable as possible.  Similar Made In America producst of this quality often cost 2 or 3 times our prices.  Act fast, support free speech and promote independent media standing up to the state-run media while at the same time waking up your friends and family.  These shirts, belt buckles and other items are a sure fire way to get people talking. --Alex Jones